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Krock Business Development exists to build world-class companies and stamp out mediocrity. We help dynamic organizations produce consistent and profitable results.

The company was founded in 2005 by young entrepreneur David Krock.  Initially a pure consultancy, KBD has development into a full-fledged business launchpad.  Clients and ventures have included real estate, hospitality, event venues, senior living communities, mobile application developers, acting companies, record industry firms, closed captioning agencies, non-profits, community development agencies, and more.

Krock Business Development assists businesses of all sizes become profitable and remarkable through 4 stages of development: Smart Start-Up, Explosive Growth, Automating Operations and Meaningful Mission.

By becoming success partners with start-ups and established companies to improve the way they think about, develop, and operate their businesses, we help our clients develop gravitas and achieve market dominance.

If you feel you could benefit by working with us, please contact us right now, while you’re thinking about it.

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